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Care Biosystems (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Swaraj Daffodils, Ground Floor
No : 8/8A, Plot No: 96, Sector 8A
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Maharastra State, India
Tel No : 91 -022 - 65569660/ 61
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Care Biosystems India Pvt Ltd ( previously known as Care Biomedicals) was formed in year 1993 by a team of young Engineers ( RAVI, VARADA & PRABHU i.e. RHC, RV & RYP) with a Good Technical and Professional Experience in supplying Quality Equipments and Technical Services to :

Hospitals, Pharma, Food & Power Industries, CROs, Pathology & Blood banks , Blood Component Labs, , IVF Labs, Stem Cell Research Centers, Govt of India Research Institutes, Biotech, Life Science & Genetic Engg Labs, Star Hotels,Universities & IITs and many more Diagnostic Labs in India.

Equipments that we supply are from reputed & leading International brands like: Panasonic ( SANYO) Japan, Labconco Corporation USA and Andreas Hettich Germany and many more and namely :

Biomedical Freezers i.e. Vertical( Upright) and Horizontal( Chest ) Type , Ultra Low Temp Freezers( Deep Freezers), Plasma Freezers, Cryogenic Freezers, Blast Freezers, Portable ( Mobile) Freezers & Refrigerators, Transportation Boxes( Passive & Active) & LN2 Containers.

Blood Bank Refrigerators, Pharmaceutical Refrigerators, Combinational Refrigerators with Freezer, Laboratory Under Counter Spark proof , Explosion proof Refrigerators & Freezers. Tabletop Centrifuges( Refrigerated), Micro Centrifuges , Cyto Centrifuges, Haematocrit Centrifuges, Blood Bag Centrifuges & Automatic Cell Washers, Platelet Agitators with Incubators, LAF Benches( Vertical & Horizontal types, Blood Collection Monitors & Mixers , Blood Bag Tube Sealers( Portable, Hand Held& Benchtop) , Donor Couches( portable & floor models), Plasma Thawing Baths, Water Baths, Ovens , Sterilisers, Heated Incubators , Electronic Weighing Balances , Temperature Chart Recorders etc

BOD Incubators, Cooled Incubators, Co2 Incubators, Multigas Incubators( Co2, O2/N2), PCR cabinets, Bio Safety Cabinets ( Class II A2 and B2 Types) , Glove Boxes, Laboratory Fume Hoods & Enclosures, Duct Less Fume hoods, Base Stand and Storage Cabinets, Solid Epoxy Work Surfaces, Safety Enclosures, Clean Benches, Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators( speed vacs) & Cold Traps, Freeze Dry Systems( Lyopholisers), Laboratory Glassware Washers, Forensic Enclosures,Ultra Pure Water Purification Systems, Gel Dryers, Ice Flake Machines, Gel Documentation & Analysis Systems, UV lamps & Trans Illuminators, Gel Electrophoresis Systems & Power Supplies, PCR products, Thermal Cyclers, Hybridisation Ovens, Gelation Timers, Melting Point Apparatus, Heating Blocks, Colony Counters, Heating Mantles, Magnetic Stirrers, Kjeldahl Equipments, Spectrophotometers, pH Meters, DO meters, Conductivity Meters, Co2 Analysers, Flame Photometers, Homogenisers, Hot Plates & Stirrers, Mixers, Rotary Evaporators, Rockers & Shakers, Refrigerated Circulators, Chillers, Shaking waterbaths, Peristaltic Pumps, Fermentors , Photo BioReactor Systems, Plant Growth Chambers, Photo Stability Chambers, Stability Chambers, Seed Germinating Chambers,Climatic Chamabers, Vacuum Pumps( Rotary Vane & Diaphragm), Temperature , Light & Humidity Wireless Data Monitoring Systems, Thermal Validation Solution ( IQ, OQ, PQ Documentation), Temperature Mapping & IQ/OQ/PQ Validation, Sample Management System confirm with FDA data protection guidelines( 21 CFR part 11), Temperature Data Loggers and software etc.

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